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About us . . .

In Tlanextli Tlacopan

Aztec Dancers


and Authentic


Mexico City

Under the Direction of Master Aztec Dancer and Instructor

MARTIN TELLEZ of Tacuba (Tlacopan) in Mexico City, Mexico


"The phrase In Tlanextli Tlacopan is an indigenous nahuatl term meaning En El Esplendor de Tlacopan in Spanish or In the Splendor of Tlacopan in English.  Our group is named such because our Aztec (Mexicah) traditions come from the neighborhood of Tlacopan (today known as Tacuba) in Mexico City.   Our jefe, the late Florencio Yescas, was not only our close neighbor and friend, but also our teacher in Mexico City.


Our group is a family-based one, composed mainly of Tellez Family members. My family, including brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and extended family members are from Tlacopan (Tacuba) in Mexico City.  We have learned the tradition of "Aztec Dancing" or La Danza Azteca from our hometown Tlacopan (Tacuba) since we were children and we continue to participate in important Aztec (Mexicah) ceremonies throughout Mexico today.


Our dances represent the timeless splendor of our Mexicah culture. Through these dances, we honor our Mexicah ancestors, indigenous legacy and conserve our historical and cultural Mexicah identities.

During our  presentations at powwows, community events, educational and cultural institutions,  we try to share our vibrant culture with other people. We want people to know the splendor of the Aztec (Mexicah) peoples is alive and well and not an imagination from the past."


We hope you will become a part of that experience.

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