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In Tlanextli Tlacopan

Aztec Dancers


and Authentic


Mexico City

Program Info

What You Will Experience . . .

Aztec Dance Program Information


       Our family of Aztec Fire Dancers "In Tlanextli Tlacopan" has shared the timeless splendor of our traditional dances for many years.  We provide authentic, professional quality exhibitions of our dances in a manner that both entertains and educates our audiences.


       You will experience the drumbeat of over 500 years of Aztec history;

see the vibrancy of our Regalia; feel our Rhythmic Dance Movements; and will marvel at our recreation of the New Fire Dance Ceremony which is performed with a live flame. Our presentations honor the legacy of our indigenous Aztec/ Mexicah ancestors and provide a contemporary perspective of our living traditions.


       Dressed in our hand-made regalia, with brightly colored feathers, our dancers incorporate live percussion music, including the Aztec Drum (huehuetl); teponaztle (two-tongued drum); conch shells (atecocolli); hand-rattles (sonajas); seed-pod ankle shakers (chachayotes) and flutes.


       The program concludes with a recreation of the New Fire Ceremony, during which the dancers masterfully handle a live flame.


       We can tailor our presentations to meet your event's particular needs. Our presentation can last, at minimum, from 10 minutes up to one hour.

For K-12 school assemblies, we can offer reasonable packages options for multiple assemblies over various days. We also offer reasonable rates for private events.  Please contact us for details.


       We Invite you to experience the beauty and splendor of our indigenous Mexicah (Aztec) Culture.

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